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Cycling training camps

Training is the greatest alternative way of cyclists to improve, develop their riding and riding mentality whilst riding along the stunning, authentic hilly Thai countryside. The training is based in Northern Thailand which has the finest routes for riding due to the secluded and serene, unfrequented roads, hills to ascend up to 2550 meters and mild weather that is perfect for riding.
Chiang Rai is also the place where Peter Pouly trains every day so he has excellent knowledge of the area which allowing him to effectively train riders to reach the best of their potential.Training Camps, what you get?Enjoy memorable rides, meet new friends, expert advice and incomparable support.TCP training camp is your opportunity to focus on your passion.  You will eat,think, sleep, and train like a pro. Our camps combine great rides with one-on-one instruction from professional coaches and every training session is fully supported. You will be a smarter and more efficient athlete when you leave.

Tourism Authority of Thailand
No. 12/0205

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